What does it mean to belong? Where do you belong?  When do you belong?

As women who both fled home as children, we’ve spent many hours talking about our early experiences of flight, journey and assimilation. We’re interested in using those experiences to draw parallels between journeys like ours and the journeys we all take.

The Belonging Project is a series of creative writing workshops and readings that considers journeys, what we carry with us (and what we leave behind), how we start anew and what it means to belong, alongside similar stories and experiences of refugees and migrants.

Through The Belonging Project, we hope to inspire you to remember and reconsider your own stories, from journeys as monumental as moving country to the daily act of leaving the house. We want to know where, whether and when you’ve come to belong.

Here, we hope you’ll engage with the journeys of others, and share your own.