She is….


sensitive happy funny lovely funny helpful kind nice friendly best friend active

confused beautiful best friend serious simple nice kind lovely friendly active helpful mature

funny happy best my friend my translator lovely helpful lovely nice my teacher speaks English Samera

sensitive lovely sad best friend serious funny friendly helpful and kind a quiet person

always telling us what is meant brave and beautiful composed strong wiling dignified patient expecting recovering

happy lovely funny sensitive strong hopeful kind best friend smiley wasn’t afraid of crying

my age still unknown kind hugged me knows my name gesturing with hands a big smile good taste talks to everyone shares

lovely happy shy comfortable sensitive serious funny amazing kind hospitable

always smiling quiet and thoughtful relaxed strong engaged thoughtful a lovely mother sparkly calm busy smiley serene

always helpful looks happy every time very serious talkative happy lady kind good very friendly helpful and active

has a very soft heart always dressed up and gorgeous kind happy lovely caring quiet thoughtful funny

a good mother always happy smiling face thinks of others before herself kind helps anyone thoughtful

beautiful and clever intelligent and committed smiling and affectionate laughing and sociable helpful and sensitive studious and lovely

helpful and generous serious and friendly colourful and stylish quietly confident happy, contented and positive nurturing and strong

young funny sad kind happy young and beautiful caring smiling great quiet and confident serious strong nicely dressed mysterious

committed and wise giving and loving quiet and serious smiling and a chatterbox quiet but sure of herself outgoing and funny

kind woman does her job radiant gives everyone advice lovely woman strong woman active beautiful tries to help everyone