Mrs Muir – P3 – Class Poem

She goes to the bedroom, opens

the door to the wardrobe. Inside she finds

her mum’s old suitcase, pulls it open

and begins to pack. First, she puts in

a photo of her great granny laughing,

and smiles. Next she puts in a book

of poetry – rainbow coloured

on the outside, golden pages

and silver writing on the inside –

with all her favourite poems in it.

Next, she puts in a computer

to help her with her special needs.

She decides she needs to take a map

of Fife, one that shows the ocean

and the roads around home.

She brings a scarf that doubles

as a blanket, and her favourite

stone she found at the beach –

pink, purple and green. Next,

she adds a book of languages

to help her talk with strangers.

She adds a china teacup, flowers

around the top and pink and purple

at the bottom so she can always

have something to drink. She wants

a piece of music with her, because

it’s a tune her mother always sang

to her as a child, and adds her mother’s

favourite jewellery because she isn’t

with her on the trip. That favourite

heart-shaped bell, which makes her think

of love. Some lace that she made

with her parents, and spare clothes.

Then she adds a tent for safety, remembers

money and adds a purse of bills

she’d kept hidden in that very suitcase.

Matches go in for a fire and for

birthday cakes. Finally, she adds a key

so when she comes home,

she can still open the door.