Mrs Miskimmin – Primary 5 Class Poem

She brings the matches because she’d like

to light a candle, build a fire. She wants

a china teacup to always have her own

coffee. She adds a knife to cut open

the bread before she eats it, and a tiny

house to remind her of home. She’ll need

the key for her new house. She brings

daffodil and crocus bulbs for her new garden,

the bell because it reminds her of school.

She folds the green blue brown yellow grey

map of Scotland, so she can always visit home.

A ball of yellow yarn for knitting or mending

or stitching the suitcase. She wants music

to play on her bell. Finally, she puts

a photograph of her dog into the suitcase

because she can’t bring him on the journey.

And she’s away.