Mrs Meckelem – P4/5 Class Poem

He brings a white shiny teacup

he will need a cup of tea

and it is a family treasure.

He brings a shell as beautiful

as a butterfly, old fashioned

coins to sell or to remind him

of family holidays, a key to open

a box of memories. He brings

flower seeds to make sure

his new garden grows

like an enchanted forest,

that silky as a seal scarf

to remind him of his wife.

He wants a map, more useful

than his brain because he’s weary

from travelling, and a small house

to remind him of his own house.

He adds a rock, hard as a hockey puck,

heavy because it holds all

his memories, a notebook of paper

for lighting fires. Finally he puts in

a bell for attracting attention,

and seashells from the warm beach

outside his front door.