Mrs Mackenzie P5 Class Poem

She brings the book because

it belongs to her ancient Grandfather

and she couldn’t find her own

favourite book, a scarf to keep

herself warm, a photo because

her mother couldn’t come

with her, she’s on her own.

She wants a teacup for her

recipe for the perfect cup of tea,

her Granny’s bag of jewellery,

and spices to remind her

of their farm. The beautiful rock

will become her teddy to cuddle

at night, and the tiny toy house

looks like her own house

from home. The notebook she’ll fill

with memories. She’ll crochet

with a ball of yellow yarn,

a pattern she’d learned

at Newport Primary School,

(she’s planning another

crocheted monster), and smiles

adding the matchbox nativity,

remembering Christmas

and her nativity play (even though

she’d fallen over during

the performance). She adds matches

to remember her grandfather

teaching her to build a fire, to keep

herself cosy at night (and

she’ll be able to heat that cup

of tea). She wants the bell

for luck each time it rings, lace

to set under her rock, and a sheet

of music because she learned

to play it on the cello and she’ll be able

to play it wherever she goes.

Finally, she puts the key

in the case, a key to a secret

bunker, though she hopes

it’ll open the door

to her new house, too.