Mrs Johnston – Primary 4/3 Class Work

She would bring a teddy and her family because she loves her family and her teddy.

She brought her old money because she could sell it and get new money. He brought the key in case he ever came back to his old house.

She brings a shell to use as decoration.

She takes the spices because she can eat them, smell them, make good food.

You could take a key because if you went home again you could get into your house. You could take a love heart if someone had given it to you.

He brought a bag of useless coins because they were in his grandad’s old wallet. with coins in. He brought his music because it was his favourite song and he was practicing.

She brings a picture of her mum because she wanted to remember her.

I would bring the spice because I like the smell.

He chooses the key to open the door – if it doesn’t work, he’ll get another one!

She brings her old magical book of poetry because she is a poet. She loves writing poetry and her mum owned a rusty bag of poetry. Her mum was dead, so it let her remember her.

She would bring her first toy because it would remind her of when she was younger. He would want to bring loads of money because he would want to buy food there.

A boy would bring a key to remember his house. A girl would bring her doll.

She took matches so she could light a fire. She took a cup to drink out of.

He took jewellery because it was his grandpa’s. He took toys that were special to him.

He brought matches to light when it was dark.