Mrs Henshaw – Primary 3 Class Poem

She opens her Harry Potter suitcase

and peels back the tartan blanket.

First, she puts in the matches because

she’s really good at lighting them

(and to light a candle if she’s in the dark).

Next, the big key that opens anything

so she can always open her front door.

She needs a teapot to pour the tea,

and a multicoloured flower teacup

and saucer. A book of fairy tales

in case she gets bored. A little box

with a nativity to remind her of the play

she’d been in at school. A wristwatch

to know the time. She packs a tin

of rhubarb seeds to remind her

of her granddad, and so she can dip

it in sugar like home. She adds

her favourite toy to comfort her

on the journey, a photo framed

to remind her of her family, a copy

of Bosworth in Rome for the adventure.

She brings sheet music in case

she wants to sing, yarn that unwinds

all the way home so she can find

her way back, and spices to make

her room smell of her garden.

A tiny ukulele. A hat in case

it rains or is sunny.

And a jack in the box for a joke.

She folds the tartan blanket,

closes the lid carefully. And sets off.