Mrs Gillan – P7 Class Work

I took the piece of music because I really like playing it and listening to it. It can also remind you of what you can do and you can play music to other people. It could maybe be someone from your family who wrote it.

Poppy slipped her key into her pocket and ran but when she was at the door she remembered her bag of pepper. She chose the key because she was as determined as she always had been that this key was special and would unlock something amazing. The little bag of pepper however was because her brother Jacob had always told her that with her bright red temper and her pitch black hair she was the perfect poppy.

I would take ballet shoes because they would remind me and move my dancing journey on and also a rose to remind me of people I would miss.

I secretly slipped the sunflower seeds into my pocket so that I could plant the magic seeds in my new garden in France. I knew they were magic the first time I saw them. I was in Mexico on holiday and although normally you would find seeds in a shop, I found these on the beach. When I had just gotten on to the beach I was something glistening in the distance. When I got there it was a metal tin that said “Mints” on it, but when I opened it, there were sunflower seeds inside.

I couldn’t decide what to choose but then something popped into my head that I use more than anything: a football.

This rock is soft, spotted, painted at the bottom. It is an oval. She found it in a garden. She is going to keep it in her room for luck to remember someone.

A magic key! No. A cool key! No. Umm… A thief’s key? MORE DETAIL. Oh. A MAGIC KEY. Oh wait….No. A cool key? My key. I will steal all that you own (except your clothes) and do it UNSEEN. Yes. I like that. I can modify the KEY! No,. Wait…..Yes. Make it universal. NO ONE CAN STOP ME. Of course…. I’ll give some stuff back. But I WILL achieve my going. Stop. Start again.

The jewellery hard rocky you could see it sparkle from a mile. It was so precious she would never take it off like the poppy so she could remember her granddad and all the jewellery her grandma bought her. The poppy that reminds her of granddad is so precious because she went to the field and it is the first one she will have and ever have.