Mrs Brocklebanks – Primary 5/6 Class Work

When she left she took the small wooden toy house because she got it when she was a very young girl aged 2. She got it as a present for her birthday from her great gran who died and the house looks exactly like her house.

She takes the nativity because when she was born she got it from her family and she loves to look at it every night and day and loves all the pretty colours.

They took the diary because it was the one thing they held dear.

When he left he brought his fossil egg and then a picture of his gran’s grave. Once he got off the plane he couldn’t stop looking at the egg and the picture.

A man called Lee took a key because it opens a chest, and the chest might be where he is going.

A rich person must have brought all the things in the suitcase.

She took the bell because she likes the sound if it.

She took the picture frame because it had a picture of her dad in the rebellion, so it was special to her.

She would take the seeds because she is a gardener and even though it is a different county she would still be able to do what she enjoys.

He would take the rock because it looks like a dinosaur egg.