Hair tucked behind her ears, she sat quietly on the boat she now called home. She doesn’t know how long she’s been here for.

The others do.

The voices.


“You’ve been here for years.”

“No one is looking.”

“Nobody cares.”


She’s so hungry and her arms are too weak to row.

So she sits.

And she waits, oblivious to what is lurking in the water beneath her.


Something taps her boat.


A beautiful girl emerges from the water, singing.

“Come,” she says, “to the land of blissful rest.”


Her body is saying no, you’re too weak, don’t swim.

Her mind is saying go.


The siren pulls her under.

She begins her journey to the bottom of the ocean.

A distressed mother watches from above, in a helicopter.

She sees her daughter fall into the water.

She screams and sobs, but her husband holds her back.

She begins her journey of sorrow.


by A