Anonymous is


after “Anonymous is Woman”, by Alice Tarbuck


happy for a little quiet, sometimes

unknown, is always comfortable,

is loved. She takes her coffee

more black than white, first thing

in the morning, especially when

she’s in a good mood. (Sometimes

she drinks the coffee to change

a bad mood into good.) Anonymous

often needs a whole mug of coffee

to decide on her next target. She

doesn’t mind the washing, likes

the rose smell when she pulls

wet cloth from the machine. Anonymous

has the baking scar on her wrist;

the mark of a mother, a woman

who has opened the oven without

watching, a book in her hand. Anonymous

is always planning for everything

and nothing, worries about

children, the humidity, what to cook

and how to cook it, carries

the whole world on her shoulders,

in her heart. Anonymous imagines

her happy family, all kinds of futures,

painting the walls , parents, the passing

of each and every day, finds the little things

through the big things, step by step.