All week


after “Journeys” by Tom Pow


All week I’ve lived

between the first cup of tea

or coffee and the work

that follows: cleaning

the house and the teeth

and bodies of my children.


All week I’ve lived

on the food I can carry

by hand in bags on the bus,

or walking all the way home,

steamed up in pots and pans

in the kitchen.


All week I’ve lived

for the celebration of a King

passing, waited for the meeting

of friends, family, community.


All week I’ve lived day by day,

or for the next week,

or just for today.


All week I’ve lived.


(This poem was written collectively by a group of 12 women at Shakti Women’s Aid in Edinburgh.  Thank you to Tom Pow for allowing The Belonging Project to use his poem “Journeys” as inspiration.)